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Updated: Mar 19, 2019

This Cover is grace from the beautiful, elegant and sophisticated celebrity Fashion Designer & Artist Alexandra Popescu-York. This talented woman born in Romania where she start her artistic carrier at very young age , later she travel and established in USA where she found the love of her life and happiest married, she continue with her passion in the fashion industry actually she won the title for Fantasia Veneziana Magazine Best Fashion designer NYFW 2018. Personally I think she one of the most wonderful women I ever meet from the first time we meet for pure coincidences at fashion district in Manhattan, inmediately I recognize her I take the initiative start a fast introductory and non invasive conversation and my surprise was when she correspond to me with a warm smile inmediately she recognize me and I feel the great and positive connection into us, was magical! After that day I know she was exactly the person I want work and finally we get this great opportunity to create an amzing masterpiece. I’m so proud to introduce to all of you this talented woman with all her grace. Alexandra Popescu-York is many things. First she's a complex artist (fashion designer, visual artist-fine art), and mother. "This is who I am to the core. I am also a business woman, a New Yorker , an European, a traveler, a dreamer, a leader, a philanthropist."


Alexandra: as a person I think I am very kind if you know how to approach me. Rarely I make to first step into a friendship (close to zero chances) but if you show interest in me I welcome you with a warm heart.

One thing is crucial in my friendships: I believe in real ones, I believe in conversations with a meaning, I could never be superficial. That’s why I could never be good friends with somebody that doesn’t know me/recognize/understand/support me as an artist. I have great friendships with many people from all social levels but one thing have in common: they know that first of all I am an ARTIST and in the same time A MOTHER. That explains all my actions and decisions. My hair might be blue one day and purple the other day, I might’ve work on my paintings -or a couture dress 48 hours straight and look like a ghost, I might show up with my 2 boys at a photoshoot and THAT IS OK in their eyes (and mine of course!) BECAUSE I create greatness and I put passion in everything I do no matter the circumstances!

I do not like small talk or shallow people. I don’t like -fake- anything.

I like to be inspired and inspire people.

I believe in high standards but also adaptivity. For example I could rock “a million dollar” dress in a red carpet event but I also can run in the park with my boys in sportswear. I am still ME, same grace and value. I feel like we have to adapt in our daily activities. I’ve seen women dressing in high heels and short skirts when they go apple picking (at a farm!). That is totally wrong from a fashion point of view.


After an intense season of creating a fashion collection and completing my show at New York Fashion week I need some time just to “calm" down-chill and relax. I like to meditate, to enjoy the silence in nature but I like also extreme sports, I practice martial arts .


I started studying fine arts, painting , graphic, sculpture, all art mediums. I was a very good artist, combining colors, creating a composition, also I had a future as a graphician. One day when I was 16 years old I was asked to be part of a fashion show as a model. As a favor to the designer because she was studying at the same school as me, I agreed. That was the first time (and the last as a model for other designer!) when I experienced being on a runway applauded by so many people, surrounded by flashing lights. I couldn’t see anything from the runway, just bright flashing lights from all the photographers. I couldn’t see anything IN FRONT of me but I did INSIDE me. I knew at that moment that I am born to be a DESIGNER and to do fashion shows. Was never my intention to be a model but far more than that! I wanted to be the CREATOR of the story, of the SHOW!! I am born to be in the RUNWAY AS A DESIGNER! I had no doubt about that! So I pursued this career, I continued studying in the same school and UNIVERSITY and specialized in Fashion Design. On top of studying fine art, I studied Fashion Design. To make enhance my experiences I also enrolled in a modeling agency and I was taught all what is to know about being a model. I wanted to know so I can relate to my models later.


“Couture Fashion Week New York” and “New York Fashion Week powered by Art Hearts Fashion”. At “Couture Fashion Week” I have a legacy. I presented since 2013, every season till now. That makes 10 consecutive seasons in a row, record that no other designer beat it. The public expects me to show there and some travel from all around the world to see my shows. I had fashion enthusiasts coming from Germany, Australia, China, Canada just to see my shows. Among my guests at my shows are diplomats, the Romanian Ambassador, the Romania Cultural Institute, The Romanian Consulate and Embassy.

Arts Hearts Fashion was an extremely pleasant experience at the day of the show. The vibe of the Angel Oresanz (location) was very hip, the models were very professional with a Californian nonchalant freshness.

By Fantasia Veneziana

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