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Boats parade in support of President Trump, police and vets attempts to break world record in NJ

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

A massive flotilla of boats on September 5th, a New Jersey boat parade supporting The USA 45 President Donald J. Trump, Police Officer's, veteran's is attempting to break a Guinness world record.

The past event, it was a nice peaceful organization of boats coming out to support our law enforcement officer's, our veteran's and our President Trump.

In this parade are expected to double the number. Last time was 1,200 [boats], so 2,400 would be nice. Three thousand was the goal, and we'll see if we meet it, Chris Molla organizer of law enforcement officers and Veterans support boats parade.

Boat parades have become a common way for backers of Trump to express support from him across the country.

With the coronavirus restrictions across the nation, pro-Trump supporters have organized similar events, including a flotilla in Florida that also attempted to beat the record in August.

The organizer thank you and everyone else, for making this the success that it was.

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