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Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Chairperson /Founder BRITTS GLOBAL ORGANIZATION MD Lutfar Rahaman Himu Strong message To the Whole World Mission statement: Britts Global Organization's mission is to connect people around the world in the fight to end poverty and hunger. Working together, Britts Global Organization has and will continue to invest in the lives of children, our military veterans, and anyone that has fallen on hard times.

Britts Global Organization wants no child, veteran, or person to be lacking food, school supplies, and medical needs. Our plan is to continue to assist in creating assistance so those in need not only thrive but strive. In helping others, we know they will create a lasting change in their own lives and communities. Formation: Britts Global Organization is named after a young girl from Canada with Down Syndrome. While in the Dominic Republic, MD LUTFAR RAHAMAN HIMU met her and her family. She was upset with world hunger. They had many conversations and MD LUTFAR RAHAMAN HIMU vowed to keep up her promise as she wanted to feed the world, but lack the capacity due to medical fragility and inability to work. Britt Global Organization has volunteers in over 87 countries providing help to even more countries. MD, LUTFAR RAHAMAN HIMU as founder and chairman of Britts Global Organization, has received the West African Most Prestigious DDEA humanitarian award twice, Fashion Gala Humanitarian award, Community of Pennsylvania Humanitarian award, United Nations humanitarian award, Innovator of the year award, Visionary of the year award, Best Young Entrepreneur award from NYC live, Humanitarian award from Dona Michel Fashion magazine, Liberian choice humanitarian award, Afoca Humanitarian award from Mexico and many more. How does Britts Global Organization make this happen? Britts International sells active wear and high-end golf shirts (all are made in America) all profit is used for Britts Global Organization and donated to charity. Britts Global Organization isn't done when packing backpacks for students that can’t afford school supplies, serving food to the homeless, or donating to charities for medical needs. Britt Organization plans to make homes for homeless American Veterans. MD LUTFAR RAHAMAN HIMU and Britt want to ensure that everyone has their human rights, stopping child marriage throughout the world. Let’s make this world a better place with Britts Global Organization! See less


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