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Fantasia Veneziana Magazine gives the opportunity to those who are looking to expose themselves to the world. Creative people who like to get published and show the world what they’ve got. We also love to showcase up and coming talent! If you would like to submit editorials, art, fashion and style . VERY IMPORTANT : ALL WORK MUST BE EXCLUSIVE AND UNPUBLISHED ! Fantasia Veneziana Magazine only takes exclusive fashion editorial, style, art and beauty stories .. A release is required to be signed by the photographer once the editorial is approved. IF YOUR EDITORIAL HAS BEEN PUBLISHED IN ANOTHER PUBLICATION OR ANY SOCIAL MEDIA IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED . We love people who are creative and think differently. Submission Guidelines: We accept Art Fashion & style In order to be considered, all fashion editorials require 4-6 photos, with Team credits are essential for all submissions. Fantasia Veneziana Magazine loves high end designer brands just as much as we love up and coming designers and unknown designers, we love to find that diamond in the rough, so mix it up! Here is the information and specifications we will require if APPROVED: 1. Only submit photos that you are the copyright holder of and/or that you have permission from the copyright holder to submit. 2. Only submit photos that are unpublished. To be considered for publication photos must be unpublished both in print and online . Do not send photos that have been published by other magazines and/or that have been put online on websites, blogs, social media, etc. 3. Please keep in mind the aesthetic of Auxiliary when sending submissions and only submit photos that you feel fit the aesthetic of the magazine. Our issues do not have themes but each issue reflects the season in which it is released. 4. We will consider photo submissions for editorials or features. Photo editorials must contain 3 or more different looks. 5. Please submit complete team credits including photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, fashion stylist, models, etc. for each when available. Please submit any available clothing and beauty product credits. 6. Photos must be submitted by in HIGH RESOLUTION . 7. If your submission is selected for publication we will email you for the any other additional required information. 8. No logos are allowed on the photos. (everyone involved will be credited) 9. Signed Model Release 10. All the image need be send by to our e-mail

Rejection Reasons: *Your work is either unsuitable or does not fit with the flow of the issue. *There is little or no space left for placement. *Your work was sent to us PAST the required deadline, automatically forfeiting your work or, you did not follow our submission instructions *The quality of work is not high enough. *wardrobe is repeated throughout the editorial. *You have not supplied enough images to create a full story. *Although your rejection could be due to any of these reasons, we will not have the time to detail which one exactly. NOTE: All submissions will NOT be replied to, you do not need to send multiple emails requesting a reply. You will be contacted if your work is accepted. Deadline: All submissions must be sent before the stated deadline of an issue. If a submission is being accepted and the final pieces are not sent before the deadline, that submission will not be published in the issue for which it was accepted. WRITER SUBMISSION We are always looking for guest writers who would like to contribute to the magazine . If you are interested in writing for us, please send us an email and include a writing sample. Some of the topics we cover include art , fashion, style photography, models and interviews. You are more than welcome to suggest things for us to cover, and if you are chosen as a contributor, you will have the opportunity to come up with your own topics as well.

Purchase: Fantasia Veneziana Magazine is an international magazine and we have aimed to make it available to everyone worldwide. Fantasia Veneziana Magazine is currently available to purchase online by clicking the link Online, you will have the option to purchase a digital copy or a print copy and get free digital The purchase link will be posted on our Facebook page on the day of release, To get immediate updates and purchase information please like and follow our Facebook page. IMPORTANT Not all information and updates can’t be sent to everyone that is or has been associated with Fantasia Veneziana Magazine as we don’t have everyone’s email. NOTE: We do not provide free print copy’s. Fantasia Veneziana Magazine is a Print on demand Magazine that is sold through

Copyright Declaration * I ________________ declare that I am the copyright holder of the images being submitted and/or that I have the permission from the copyright holder to submit the images. I declare that if the images are selected, I will be able to provide a Grant of Rights release and Model Release(s).

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