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The night at Gulf-Awards and Campania 2019

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Naples is a city of 2000 years old story... Today, Italy's third-largest city feels in many places like an urban jungle, its lack of open spaces or parks make it Europe's most densely populated city. Centuries before Christ, Naples was a thriving Greek commercial center called "Neapolis" or " The New City", over the ages, it becomes an important center ruled by series of foreign over Lords. The Bay of Naples area is filled with fun and fascination, we'll climb smoldering Mount Vesuvius and visit the ruins of Pompeii. Naples is a testimony of a very artistic cultural lifestyle there the past September 28 was presented Gala ceremony " Premio & Campania "- " Awards Excellence" by Ugo Autori and Walter Bisogni at the majestic Villa Avellino situated Pozzuoli, beautiful night with many Italian celebrities, awards, live concerts, fashion shows and much more ..." Italy in Excellence " format discussed with another big of Italian TV.

They talk about and reward Italian Excellencies in the field of fashion, food and innovation entrepreneurship. There was involve the Italian Chambers of Commerce and TV celebrities Host Cinzia Profita actual conductor of Telecapri TV and Giancarlo Magalli actual conductor of RAI TV. It was a wonderful evening with many glamourous guests at Villa Avellino for the "night on the Gulf" fashion event. Alta Moda was presented with the new collection beachwear of Mariagrazia Piro, designer from Procida, Tiziana Grimaldi, the new furs collection of designer Salvatore Fiorentino and on the Passarella never can miss the designer Gianni Cirillo.

The very beautiful and talented conductor and journalist of TV Tele Capri Celebrity Cinzia Profita in a splendid interview with the Stylist "Campano Gianni Cirillo and Claudia Letizia" also known as Lady Letizia actress, ballerina, model, TV and radio host.

The event covered by Stars Web TV and fantasia Veneziana Magazine

Video courtesy Umberto Lariccia founder of Stars Web TV

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