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"TWO" Akcent Band

In 2001 we created akcent boy band. Actually "Two Akcent is Mihai Gruia and Sorin Brotnei."

4 years ago after Akcent boy band the band that we had together with

Adrian Sina, split, we continued in this new formula of 2 in "TWO" Akcent Band.

Your story:

We meet in Romanian music industry, all of us with a big love for music and we think that we need to sing together. After we released first single together the success was huge and in few months we reached no 1 sales in Romania. After that the road was so nice and full of nice memories. We perform everywhere in Romania, and everyone know us and appreciate us. In 2006 we released first English sing ( Kylie ) and the song become summer Hit in Holland. After that our international career starts and we start to perform everywhere in the world.


We are always in the studio and compose new songs, not only for us. Our music is also for other artists, example now we have our productions from mango records in top 10 Romanian charts performed by the biggest romanian artists. So we love to compose also for them.


Now we work at our new single together with Sandra N. we plan to release it in end of January 2019.

First Song:

First Akcent song was “ti-am Promis” and first Two Akcent song was “regrets”


If is the main passion is not about sacrifices. For us music is the most important so we never think that we make sacrifices for music !

What do you feel like when you sing and people applaud?

Is the most wonderful moments in an artist life. To be on the stage and people to sing and dance with you is unique feeling.

More singer or song-writer?

Good question! Until now we was more performing artist but to be honest now we love more to compose and time to time to travel and perform. Maybe is from the age :)

Fans memories:

Each concert have something unique . we love to meet them and specially Pakistani people are one of the best. every time when we reach there we fell like home. We just want to thank them for they support and to tell them that without they our music is zero and we love them for that!

By Fantasia Veneziana

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