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A little bit ABOUT me...

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Fantasia Veneziana is represented by self & is available for any event hosting. Please send Fantasia Veneziana a message if you are interested in her work. Message Fantasia Veneziana for details. You'll not be disappointed!

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Who is Fantasia Veneziana?

From an early age, she has shown a strong interest in art in general, in her childhood her favorite game was to draw, paint with tempera, aquarelle, and oleo, also sculpture, create fashion dresses and accessory for her Barbie's was another of her strongest passions. .. at school, she was always recognized as one of the best in art class it was one of her favorite subjects thanks to her innate passion for art is how she has won different art competitions during her life.

Fantasia Veneziana carries in her blood the artistic line since her mother's family have been talented artists ...

She define herself as a very kind, sensible and spiritual person, with a heart of a child but in the same time strong like a roble,  a delicate flower with love essence.

Fantasia Veneziana is an Italian artist-fashion designer born in the beautiful  2.000 years old antique historic metropolis Neapolis (Naples), she studies art, fashion, and architecture at Istituto d'arte Umberto Boccioni.

She loves spending time with loved ones such as family and friends. She loves spending time creating. Fantasia Veneziana loves all the little things and of the day everything in life is " little things " when you looking at the big picture.

In the final 1999, she travels and establishes in the USA ...
For the next years, Fantasia Veneziana continue with her passion for art & fashion like a hobby.

FV: that hobby transforms my entire life in good and positive progress because I love and enjoy what I do and I do with soul and heart  100% ... one of my favorite quotes in life if you can dream it you can do it! And this is what exactly I do I start with a humble dream and step by step I continue to grow with a deep respect for everyone around me.

People always ask me how I do this?  Well with a  smile I tell them you have to believe in your self first if you don't believe in you how can you expect others do? Dream and believe are my key.

All my inspiration starts at Venetian Carnival in Venice Italy and all around me.
I create gorgeous original Venetian Masks hand made in papier-mache' , fashion dresses hand-made, an accessory like wings, jewelry, etc...actually I'm starting my new fine line 2020 for women and mans

On June 20, 2014, I was invited for a fashion designer to collaborate in her show, that day I have my official debut in the fashion industry.
In pass years, Fantasia Veneziana wins first place in a Best Mask Creation 2014 Annual Awards, next was published in several Fashion and Style Magazine and blogs around the world.
Starting my new journey in the fashion industry as independent artist and fashion designer I discover new skills like CEO-Founder, photographer, editor-in-chief, art creative director, Fantasia Veneziana beauty models pageant, fashion event producer also in August 23, 2016, she founded a new print magazine about art fashion and style called Fantasia Veneziana magazine is a good reputation established on-demand sale all Country around the world.

Fantasia Veneziana on September 15, 2019, won the first place of the competition as Stars web TV Ms. Ambassador 2020 an established Italian TV.
For this new year, 2020 Fantasia Veneziana is working on a new project to bring to another level her design and much more amazing fashion events all around the world
Please support me by following me on social media and keep up with all my activities.
With the bottom of my heart thank's, you're amazing!

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