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Updated: Apr 5, 2023

In 2016 Md Lutfar Rahaman Hemu found a non-profit " BRITT GLOBAL ORGANIZATION " for the poor people like veterans homeless, homeless in general, and kids. Luftar explains to us he donate food, medicine, clothes, money, and more... Everyone is welcome to his organization. His inspiration start for his past he explains to Fantasia Veneziana Magazine, he was a poor person but with big dreams, he works so hard to reach them every day, and one of the most important dreams is to end poverty and make this world a better place for everyone. His organization is in 64 Countries worldwide, this organization helps people all over the world. Definitely, till here, we can recognize a man of value, he is an inspiration for so many people around

Lutfar is a multitalented man he is not only the Founder and Chairman of Britt Global Organization but he is also a manufacturer, golfer, and very talented fashion designer his specialty is: activewear. Soon he will launch a new line and the Fantasia Veneziana Magazine send all the best vibes for the new journey...

Mr. Lutfar is originally from Bangladesh he resides in the USA for 7 years already and he is a true patriot, actually is very dedicated in support our President Trump in his Presidential election 2020. Luftar is a big fan of President Donald Trump he works very near non-stop with other very popular Trump supporters and teams all around the USA. God bless our President Trump and all the USA God bless America!

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