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New York International Auto Show

From the beginning, when the first New York Auto Show opened in November 1900 at the original Madison Square Garden, the annual exhibition of automobiles, and the pageantry they create, has been a hallmark of the industry.

For 123 years, the New York Auto Show has given the world a glimpse into the future. Automobiles have helped shape our culture and have played a critical role in the development of today’s modern cities. They’ve allowed us to explore this vast land, experience our national parks, visit friends and family, and take in all the country's treasures. They’ve influenced the arts and profoundly impacted music, film, photography, design and so much more while giving us the freedom of personal mobility.

Today was the pre-show opened only for media and we want to share with you the fabulous new models of the New York International Auto Show 2023, the event is open to the public from day Apr 7-16 Homepage - New York International Auto Show (

Photographer/videographer Goran Karas @gkphotonyc


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